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City Council

The City Council is composed of 39 Councillors with one third elected three years in four. Meetings of the City Council are normally open to the public and this is where Councillors decide the Council's overall policies and set the budget each year. The Council appoints the Leader and they in turn appoints Members of the Executive and delegates powers and responsibilities to them. The Council also appoints Committees to carry out certain functions and is responsible for holding the Executive to account for its actions through questioning from Members and the Public. Council appoints Overview and Scrutiny Panels to review the decisions of the Executive and assist with the formulation of policy.
23 May 2014 - onwards
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PartyNameRoleMembership DatesAttendance
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Councillor Ruth Alcroft Member 06/05/2016 - current 98%
Independent and Liberal Democrat Group
Councillor Trevor Allison Member 23/05/2014 - current 99%
Councillor Louise Atkinson Member 02/05/2019 - current 96%
Councillor James Robert Bainbridge Member 23/05/2014 - current 100%
Councillor Robert William Betton Member 23/05/2014 - current 93%
Councillor Pamela Birks Mayor 04/05/2017 - current 94%
Independent and Liberal Democrat Group
Councillor Jeffrey Thomas Bomford Member 06/05/2016 - current 98%
Councillor Mrs Marilyn Louise Bowman Member 23/05/2014 - current 100%
Councillor Lisa Brown Member 06/09/2018 - current 91%
Councillor Nigel Edward Christian Member 08/05/2015 - current 90%
Morag Durham
01228 817036

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