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Meeting Details

Regulatory Panel
9 Feb 2022 - 14:00 to 14:17
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Standard Items
To receive apologies for absence and notification of substitutions
Apologies for absence were submitted on behalf of Councillor John Collier, Councillor Keith Meller and Councillor Dr Les Tickner.
Members are invited to declare any disclosable pecuniary interests, other registrable interests and any interests, relating to any items on the agenda at this stage.
No declarations of interest were submitted.  
To agree that the items of business within Part A of the agenda should be dealt with in public and that the items of business within Part B of the agenda should be dealt with in private.
RESOLVED - That the agenda as circulated be agreed. 

To note that Council, at its meeting on 4 January 2022, received and adopted the minutes of the meetings held on 27 October and 1 December 2021.
he Chair will sign the minutes.
[Copy minutes in Minute Book Vol 48(4)].







RESOLVED - It was noted that Council, at its meeting of 4 January 2022, received and adopted the minutes of the meetings held on 27 October and 1 December 2021.  The Chair signed the minutes.  
Public Items

 The Licensing Manger to submit the Hackney Carriage Table of Fares Review 2022.
(Copy Report GD.04/22 herewith)


The Licensing Manager submitted report GD.04/22 which set out the current review of the Table of Fares for Hackney Carriages (Taxis) carried out in the district and proposed changes to the Tariff from 1 April 2022.  

In considering the report, Members raised the following questions and comments: 

- In relation to table 2.7 (benchmark charge for 2 mile journey) why was Carlisle ranked second among the Cumbrian districts when it had cheaper fuel prices?

The Licensing Manager explained that before the current review Carlisle district had been ranked second and noted that it for some of the other district authorities it had been a significant amount of time since a review of fares had been undertake.  Fuel costs were based on the national (RPI) and not the local prices.  

Another Member pointed out that Allerdale was listed as sixth in the table, but it's 2 mile journey fare was higher than two of the other districts.  

The Licensing Manager undertook to verify the matter and provide a written response to the Panel. 

- Could details of the consultation on the Fare Review be advertised on the Council's website as well as in the local press. 

The Licensing Manager agreed to arrange for the consultation to be advertised on the Council's website


- In respect of the calibration of taxi metres, was vehicle tyre pressure still a factor

The Licensing Manager advised that she would liaise with manufacturer and provide the Panel with a written response.  In response to further comments from the Member regarding the variability of fares for the same journey, the Manager stated that she would raise the matter with the company.  

RESOLVED - 1) That, subject to consultation, Members agreed the proposed changes to the Table of Fares for Hackney Carriages.  

2) That the Licensing Manger arrange for details of the Hackney Carriage Fares Review 2022 to be advertised on the Council's website.

3) That the Licensing Manager provide written response to the Panel regarding:
- results of the verification of table 2.7 - benchmark 2 mile journey;
- the use of tyre pressures in the calibration of Hackney Carriage meters. 


The Licensing Manager to submit a report on new rules for applicants for a taxi, private hire or scrap metal licence on or after 4 April 2022 (amendment to Policy Document).
(Copy Report GD.03/22 herewith)

The Licensing Manager submitted report GD.03/22 which set out the changes to the application process for Taxi Drivers, Private Hire Operators and Drivers and Scrap Metal Dealer licences following government implementation of new tax requirements from 4 April 2022. 

A Member asked whether the authority would receive a payment from HMRC for carrying out the work.

The Licensing Manager confirmed payment for the work was anticipated, but that the details of the payment were not yet known. 

RESOLVED - 1) That the content of the report be noted. 

2) That the Panel request that the Licensing Manager update the Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Policy and the Scrap Metal Dealers Policy to incorporate Tax Conditionality measures into the application process.  
Exempt Items

- NIL - 

Members of the Regulatory Panel:

Conservative – Mrs Bowman (Chair), Collier, Mrs Mitchell, Meller, Morton, Nedved, Shepherd, Bainbridge (sub), Mrs Mallinson (sub), J Mallinson (sub)
Labour – Miss Sherriff, Sunter, Dr Tickner, Miss Whalen (Vie Chair), Alcroft (sub), Birks (sub) Patrick (sub)
Independent and Liberal Democrat - Bomford, Allison (sub)

Enquiries, requests for reports, background papers etc to:


No other member attendance information has been recorded for the meeting.
NameReason for Sending ApologySubstituted By
Councillor Jeffrey Thomas Bomford  
Councillor John Richard Collier Councillor James Robert Bainbridge
Councillor Keith Meller Councillor John Mallinson
Councillor Paul Nigel Hamilton Nedved  
Councillor David Shepherd  
Councillor Dr Les Tickner Councillor Lucy Patrick
NameReason for AbsenceSubstituted By
No absentee information has been recorded for the meeting.

Declarations of Interests

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No declarations of interest have been entered for this meeting.


Officers:  Head of Legal and Democratic Services
Licencing Manager