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Meeting Details

Health & Wellbeing Scrutiny Panel
11 Jun 2020 - 10:00 to 11:50
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Standard Items
Members of the Health & Wellbeing Scrutiny Panel

Councillor Paton (Chair), Councillors Mrs Atkinson, Mrs Bradley, Dr Davison, Mrs Finlayson (Vice-Chair), Mrs McKerrell, McNulty, Tarbitt.


Alcroft, Bainbridge, Birks, Betton, Bomford, Mrs Bowman, Brown, Collier, Mrs Ellis-Williams, Mrs Glendinning, Glover, Ms Patrick, Meller, Mitchelson, Morton, Robinson, Robson, Rodgerson, Miss Sherriff, Shepherd, Southward, Dr Tickner, and Tinnion.

Public Items
Register of Attendance and Declarations of Interest

A roll call of persons in attendance will be taken and Members are invited to declare any disclosable pecuniary interests, other registrable interests and any interests, relating to any item on the agenda at this stage.

Apologies for Absence
To receive apologies for absence and notification of substitutions
Public and Press
To agree that the items of business within Part A of the agenda should be dealt with in public and that the items of business within Part B of the agenda should be dealt with in private.

To note that Council, at its meeting of 3 March 2020, received and adopted the minutes of the Health and Wellbeing Scrutiny Panel held on 9 January 2020.  The Chair will sign the minutes at the first practicable opportunity. [Copy minutes in Minute Book 46(5)]. 

The Chair will move the minutes of the meeting held on 20 February 2020 as a correct record.  The only part of the minutes that may be discussed is their accuracy.
(Copy minutes herewith).


To consider any matter which has been the subject of call-in.

Portfolio: Communities, Health and Wellbeing
Directorate:   Community Services
Officer:   Luke Leathers, Health and Wellbeing Manager
Report: CS.06/20 herewith 
The Health and Wellbeing Manager to provide an update on the recently formed Health and Wellbeing Service in the Community Services Directorate and to update the Panel on areas of work streams in sport and physical activity that the Health and Wellbeing Service is leading on. 

Why is the item on the agenda?
The Panel requested the update.

What is the Panel being asked to do?
The Panel is invited to make comments or suggestions that may assist Officers in the areas of sport and physical activity that the team should focus on. 

Portfolio: Cross Cutting
Directorate:   Cross Cutting
Officer: Rowan Jones, Overview and Scrutiny Officer
Report: OS.10/20 herewith
This report provides the draft Health and Wellbeing Panel section along with the general sections of the Annual Scrutiny Report 2019/20.

Why is this item on the agenda?
Annual Scrutiny Report.

What is the Panel being asked to do?
The Panel is asked to consider and comment on the attached section of the draft report. 
Portfolio:  Cross Cutting
Directorate:   Cross Cutting 
Officer: Rowan Jones, Overview and Scrutiny Officer
Report:  OS.11/20 herewith
To consider a report providing an overview of matters related to the work of the Health and Wellbeing Scrutiny Panel.

Why is this item on the agenda?
The Health and Wellbeing Panel operates within a Work Programme which is set for the 2020/21 municipal year.  The Programme is reviewed at every meeting so that it can be adjusted to reflect the wishes of the Panel and take into account items relevant to this Panel in the latest Notice of Executive Key Decisions.

What is the Panel being asked to do?
- Note the items (within Panel remit) on the most recent Notice of Executive Key Decisions
- Discuss the Work Programme and prioritise as necessary
Exempt Items

- NIL - 

Enquiries, requests for reports, background papers etc to:

Rachel Plant, Democratic Services Officer -

Declarations of Interests


Also Present:       Councillor Ellis, Deputy Leader and Finance, Governance and
Resources Portfolio Holder
Councillor E Mallinson, Communities, Health and Wellbeing Portfolio 
                        Councillor Nedved, Economy, Enterprise and Housing Portfolio Holder

Officers: Deputy Chief Executive
                        Health and Wellbeing Manager
                        Overview and Scrutiny Officer