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Meeting Details

Environment and Economy Overview and Scrutiny Panel - up to 11 July 2017
8 Sep 2014 - 10:00 to 11:20
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Standard Items


Apologies for Absence
To receive apologies for absence.
Declarations of Interest
Members are invited to declare any disclosable pecuniary interests, other registrable interests and any interests, relating to any items on the agenda at this stage.
Public and Press
To agree that the items of business within part A of the agenda should be dealt with in public and the items of business within Part B of the agenda should be dealt with in private.
Public Items


Exempt Items
Councillor Nedved, Chairman of the Environment and Economy Overview and Scrutiny Panel, has called on for scrutiny Executive Decision EX.093/14 - Development at Rosehill.  The decision was taken by the Executive at their meeting on 18 August 2014. 

The reasons given for the call-in is:
"To scrutinise the decision making process and external advice given to the Council;
to question whether or not the Council is maximising the value of the asset;
lack of consultation."

(N.B. The above reason does not confine the areas of questioning which Panel Members may pursue when examining the decision)

The Leader of the Council has been advised of the call-in in order that he may consider representation at this meeting.

In dealing with a call-in the Panel can -

(a)  refer the matter back to the decision making body, in this case the Executive, for reconsideration setting out in writing the nature of its concerns;

(b)  refer the matter to full Council; or

(c)  not refer the matter back to the decision making body, in which case the decision shall take effect from the date of this meeting.

Please find herewith copies of the following documentation:

Minute Excerpt EX.93/14 - Development at Rosehill
Report ED.22/14 - Development at Rosehill from Executive 18 August 2014
Members of the Environment and Economy Overview and Scrutiny Panel

Conservative – Mrs Bowman, Mitchelson, Nedved (Chairman), Mrs Mallinson (sub), Mrs McKerrell (sub) Mrs Vasey (sub)

Labour – Caig (Vice Chairman), Dodd, Watson, Wilson, Bowditch (sub), Burns (sub), Harid (sub)

Independent – Graham, Betton (sub)

     Enquiries, requests for reports, background papers,
      etc to Committee Clerk: 
Sheila Norton - 817557


No other member attendance information has been recorded for the meeting.
NameReason for Sending ApologySubstituted By
Councillor David Wilson  
NameReason for AbsenceSubstituted By
Councillor William James Graham  
Councillor Reginald Watson OBE  

Declarations of Interests

Member NameItem Ref.DetailsNature of DeclarationAction
Councillor Mrs Marilyn Louise BowmanEEOSP.53/14Agenda Item B.1 - Development at RosehillInteresta member of her family is employed at Rosehill and her husband had attended a meeting in respect of insurance indemnity fund which included H&H


Also in attendance at the above meeting were:

Councillor Mrs Bradley - Economy, Enterprise and Housing Portfolio Holder
Councillor Glover - Leader
Councillor Mrs Martlew - Environment and Transport Portfolio Holder

Councillor Ellis - Observer
Councillor J Mallinson - Observer
Councillor Mrs Prest - Observer


Deputy Chief Executive
Director of Economic Development
Director of Resources
Consultant Surveyor
Legal Services Manager
Overview and Scrutiny Officer

___ Members of public expressed a desire to address the meeting.