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Meeting Details

City Council
4 Feb 2014 - 18:45 to 21:40
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Standard Items
Public Items
6. Questions from Members of the Council
Pursuant to Procedure Rule 11.2, the Town Clerk and Chief Executive to report that no questions have been submitted on Notice by Members of the City Council.
7. Notice of Motion
Pursuant to Procedure Rule 12, the Town Clerk and Chief Executive to report that no motions have been submitted on notice by Members of the Council.
Pursuant to Minute EX.04/14, to consider a report of the Director of Resources regarding the Council's Treasury Management Strategy Statement, Investment Strategy and Minimum Revenue Provision Strategy for 2014/15.
(Copy Report RD.71/13 and Minute Extracts herewith/to follow)
9. City Council Budget 2014/15
The meeting to consider the City Council's General Fund Revenue Budget and its Capital Budget for 2014/15 and the recommendations of the Executive thereon and to pass appropriate resolutions thereon.
(1) Background Reports

A number of reports which have been considered as background reports to the preparation of the Budget have previously been circulated to all Members under cover of letters from the Director of Governance dated 8 November and 6 December 2013.  Members are requested to bring these to the meeting.

A copy of the following background reports were also considered by the meeting of the City Council on 10 September 2013.  Members have previously had copies of these reports as part of the book of Budget Reports.  If, however, you require a further copy please contact the Committee Services Section prior to the meeting.


 (i) Report RD.36/13 - Medium Term Financial Plan 2014/15 to  2018/19
(ii) Report RD.37/13 - Capital Strategy 2014/15 to 2018/19
(iii) Report RD.40/13 - Asset Management Plan 2013-2018
(2) Executive Reports
In addition, the following reports have been circulated to Members of the Executive with the Agenda for the meeting of the Executive on 15 January 2014 and copies are now enclosed for all Members of the City Council:
(Copy Report RD.70/13 herewith
(3) Budget Consultation Feedback
Copies of the Minutes of the following Consultation Meetings, detailing the feedback from the consultation on the Executive Draft Budget Proposals, have been circulated to Members of the Executive with the Agenda for the meeting of the Executive on 15 January 2014.  Copies are now enclosed for all Members of the City Council.
(Copy Minute Extract of item relating to consideration of Executive Draft Budget Proposals herewith)
(iv) Pdf Consultation Feedback (7422Kb)
Copies of those Minutes of the meeting of the Executive held on 15 January 2014 which relate to the Council's Budget for 2014/15 and which set out the recommendations of the Executive in respect of its budget proposals are submitted.
(Copy Minute Extracts EX.01/14, EX.02/14, EX.03/14 and EX.06/14 herewith)

[Amended Executive Budget Proposals for 2014/15 circulated under cover of a letter from the Director of Resources dated 24 January 2014]
(5) Pdf Procedure (74Kb)
The suggested procedure for dealing with the Executive's recommendations and the City Council's Budget is itemised in a Procedure Note for the convenience of Members.
(Copy Note herewith) 
Pursuant to Overview and Scrutiny Procedure Rule 15(i), the Director of Governance to report on decisions taken as urgent decisions and dealt with as a matter of urgency without the need for call-in.

It is a requirement under the above Procedure Rule 15(i) for decisions taken as a matter of urgency to be reported to the next available meeting of the City Council.
(Copy Report GD.09/14 herewith)
11. Communications
To receive and consider communications and to deal with such other business as may be brought forward by the Mayor as a matter of urgency, in accordance with Procedure Rule 2.1(xiv) to pass such resolution or resolutions thereon as may be considered expendient or desirable.
Exempt Items

Declarations of Interests

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No declarations of interest have been entered for this meeting.


Also in attendance at the above meeting were:

Deputy Chief Executive
Director of Governance

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