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Meeting Details

City Council
4 May 2010 - 18:45 to 20:35
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  1. Doc Agenda for Council Meeting 04 05 10 (279Kb)
  2. Doc Council Minutes 4 May 2010 (60Kb)
  3. Doc AUC.26.10 - Audit Committee's Annual Report (35Kb)
  4. Doc Chairman's Report - Community Overview and Scrutiny Panel (34Kb)
  5. Doc Chairman's Report - Environment and Economy Overview and Scrutiny Panel (24Kb)
  6. Doc Chairman's Report - Resources Overview and Scrutiny Panel (29Kb)
  7. Doc Culture and Community Services Portfolio Holder Report (40Kb)
  8. Pdf DS.25.10 - Solway Coast AONB Management Plan (749Kb)
  9. Pdf DS.26.10 - North Pennines AONB SPDs on Planning Guidelines and Building Design Guide (4617Kb)
  10. Doc Economy Portfolio Holder's Report (58Kb)
  11. Doc Environment and Infrastructure Portfolio Holder Report (39Kb)
  12. Doc Finance Portfolio Holder Report (39Kb)
  13. Doc GD.11.10 - Operation of the Provisions relating to Call in and urgency (104Kb)
  14. Doc Health and Community Development Portfolio Holder Report (39Kb)
  15. Doc Minute Excerpt COSP.19.10 - New Corporate Plan 2010-2013 (40Kb)
  16. Doc Minute Excerpt COSP.38.10 - Draft Scrutiny Annual Report (41Kb)
  17. Doc Minute Excerpt EEOSP.19.10 - New Corporate Plan 2010.13 (49Kb)
  18. Doc Minute Excerpt EEOSP.29.10(a) - Solway Coast AONB Management Plan (46Kb)
  19. Doc Minute Excerpt EEOSP.29.10(b) - North Pennines AONB (46Kb)
  20. Doc Minute Excerpt EEOSP.31.10 - Draft Scrutiny Annual Report (55Kb)
  21. Doc Minute Excerpt EX.008.10 - New Corporate Plan 2010-2013 (28Kb)
  22. Doc Minute Excerpt EX.046.10 - North Pennines AONB - Planning Guidelines and Building Design SPD (28Kb)
  23. Doc Minute Excerpt EX.060.10 - Corporate Plan and Key Performance Indicators (29Kb)
  24. Doc Minute Excerpt EX.061.10 - Solway Coast AONB Management Plan (28Kb)
  25. Doc Minute Excerpt EX.061.10 - Solway Coast AONB Management Plan (28Kb)
  26. Doc Minute Excerpt EX.062.10 - North Pennines AONB - Planning Guidelines and Building Design Guidance Su (26Kb)
  27. Doc Minute Excerpt ROSP.31.10 - New Corporate Plan (35Kb)
  28. Pdf OS.12.10 - Scrutiny Annual Report (447Kb)
  29. Pdf Performance and Development Portfolio Holder Report (69Kb)
  30. Pdf PPP.18.10 - Corporate Plan 2010-2013 (423Kb)
  31. Doc RD.1.10 - Audit Committee's Annual Report (150Kb)
  32. Doc Promoting Carlisle Portfolio Holder Report - Cllr Mitchelson (36Kb)
  33. Pdf CS.14.10 - Petition - Request for Reinstatement of a Regular City Council Road Sweeper for the Botch (29Kb)
  34. Pdf ED.01.10 - Petition Relating to Waverly Viaduct (32Kb)

Declarations of Interests

Member NameItem Ref.DetailsNature of DeclarationAction
Councillor Mrs Elizabeth Anne MallinsonC.64/10The Annual Report of the Audit CommitteePersonalShe is a Member of Cumbria County Council


There were no visitors present at this meeting