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Meeting Details

19 Mar 2007 - 13:00 to 14:35
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  1. Doc Committee Services Agenda 06-07 Executive 19 03 07.doc (118Kb)
  2. Doc EXECUTIVE 19 03 07 (94Kb)
  3. Doc ATAG minutes - 08 02 07.doc (32Kb)
  4. Pdf CE.14.07 - Local Government Improvement Programme - Peer Challenge of Carlisle City Council.pdf (206Kb)
  5. Doc CE.15.07 - Carlisle Renaissance Progress Report.doc (112Kb)
  6. Doc CLASB minutes - 08 12 06.doc (26Kb)
  7. Doc Connected Cumbria minutes 31 01 07.doc (187Kb)
  8. Doc CORP.91.06 - Local Council Tax Discounts Flooded Properties.doc (387Kb)
  9. CORP.92.06 - Bad Debt Write Offs - PRIVATE.pdf
  10. Pdf CORP.92.06 - Bad Debt Write Offs.pdf (92Kb)
  11. Pdf CS.13.07 - Yewdale Community Centre Post Office Proposal.pdf (153Kb)
  12. Doc CS.13.07 Addendum.doc (20Kb)
  13. Doc CS.14.07 - Synthetic Pitch Update.doc (378Kb)
  14. Doc CS.15.07 - Proposal for the provision of 1km Cycle Track at the Sheepmount Athletics Football Stadi (374Kb)
  15. Doc CS.16.07 - Section 106 Agreements in relation to Public Open Space and Play Areas.doc (410Kb)
  16. Doc CS.18.07 - TULLIE HOUSE DEVELOPMENT PLAN.doc (362Kb)
  17. Doc Cumbria Strategic Waste Partnership - 17 01 07.doc (40Kb)
  18. Doc DS.26.07 - Transfer of City Council Land for the Carlisle Northern Development Route.doc (428Kb)
  19. DS.30.07 - Extra Care Housing Scheme.pdf
  20. DS.30.07 addendum
  21. DS.30.07 Supp 1.doc
  22. DS.30.07 Supp Info 2.pdf
  23. DS.30.07 Supp Info 3.pdf
  24. Doc JMT minutes - 01 02 07.doc (32Kb)
  25. Doc JMT minutes - 18 01 07.doc (32Kb)
  26. Pdf Living in Fear Health and Social Impacts of the Floods in Carlisle 2005 - St Martins College.pdf (387Kb)
  27. Doc Minute Excerpt - IOS.07 - Carlisle City Council Corporate Plan.Best Value Performance Plan 2007-2010 (0Kb)
  28. Doc Minute excerpt - IOS.07 - Carlisle Sustainable Community Plan (48Kb)
  29. Doc Minute Excerpt COS.25.07 - Carlisle Sustainable Community Plan.doc (75Kb)
  30. Doc Minute Excerpt COS.26.07 - Gender Equality Duty.doc (72Kb)
  31. Doc Minute Excerpt COS.28.07 - Carlisle City Council Corporate Plan-Best Value Performance Plan 2007-10. (73Kb)
  32. Doc Minute Excerpt COS.35.07 - Health and Social Impacts of the Floods.doc (78Kb)
  33. Doc Minute Excerpt CROS.18.07 - Work Programme - Asset review.doc (78Kb)
  34. Doc Minute Excerpt CROS.21.07 - Carlisle Sustainable Community Plan.doc (80Kb)
  35. Doc Minute Excerpt CROS.26.07 - Carlisle City Council Corporate Plan-Best Value Performance Plan 2007-10 (76Kb)
  36. Pdf Officer decisions.pdf (16Kb)
  37. Pdf Portfolio holder decisions.pdf (14Kb)
  38. Pdf PPP.12.07 - Unreasonable and Unreasonably Persistent Complaints Policy.pdf (94Kb)
  39. Pdf PPP.22.07 - Corporate Improvement Plan - Best Value Performance Plan 07-10.pdf (613Kb)
  40. Pdf PPP.23.07 - Carlisle Sustainable Community Plan.pdf (328Kb)
  41. Pdf PPP.24.07 - Gender Equality Scheme.pdf (321Kb)


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Declarations of Interests

Member NameItem Ref.DetailsNature of DeclarationAction
Councillor Mrs Jacquelyne Geddes References from the Council on Primary School Reorganisation - A member of the Stanwix School Action GroupPersonal 
Councillor Mrs Jacquelyne Geddes Any references to the University of Cumbria - A Director of the St Martin's CompanyPersonal 
Councillor Michael Robert Mitchelson Yewdale Community Centre Post Office proposals - An employment relationship with the Post OfficePersonal 


1. Councillor M Boaden: Chairman of Community O&S Committee.
2. Councillor T Allison: Chairman of Infrastructure O&S Committee.