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Subject Title
Parish Burial Grants 2021/22
Subject Matter

Payment of Parish Burial Grants for 2021/22 for those parishes that provide burial services and for which accounts for burial services are in deficit.  Four parishes complete burial accounts and for the year ended 2020/21, three, Brampton, Bewcastle and Dalston, were in deficit.  As in previous years when concurrent grants were payable, the burial element of the grant was 40% of any deficit on burial services.  Therefore, the following grants are due:
Brampton - £2,044.32
Dalston - £2,271.20
Bewcastle - £140.00

Decision Taken
To pay total parish burial grants to Brampton Parish Council, Dalston Parish Council and Bewcastle Parish Council of £4,455.52
Key Decision?
Portfolio Holder
Councillor Mr Gareth Ellis
Date Decision Made
Wed 11 Aug 2021
Reports and background Papers
Reason for Decision
Payment of grant to parish councils 
Details of alternative options considered and rejected
Interests Declared
Dispensation granted by the Head of Paid Service
Urgent Decision not subject to call in
Deadline for call-in
5:00pm on 18 August 2021

Additional Information

Implementation date if not called in
19 August 2021
Call in notified and date notified
Approved for implementation on
19 August 2021
KD Reference number
Date Published
11 August 2021

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11/08/2021 17:39:38Jacqui IssattBusiness Item Created 
11/08/2021 17:40:20Jacqui IssattOS Committee AddedBusiness & Transformation Scrutiny Panel
19/08/2021 17:22:46Jacqui IssattGeneral Details Edited 
23/08/2021 16:13:54 General Details EditedReference Number Generated (PF.2/21)
23/08/2021 16:13:54Jacqui IssattStatus ChangedImplemented [7]
23/08/2021 16:14:50Jacqui IssattGeneral Details Edited 


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