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Release of S106 Funds to Capital Programme, 11029 96/0830 - Carleton Grange, Garlands
Subject and Decision Taken
  • A sum of £112,837 was received from Barratt Homes on 10/03/2011 as part of a Section 106 (developer contribution) agreement for a residential development off Garlands Road, Carlisle.
  • The agreement states that the funds were to be utilised for maintenance of open spaces within the Carleton Grange estate and for the play area located off Hunters Crescent.
  • The funds have been used by the council on a phased basis over the past ten years for routine maintenance and the Healthy City Team now propose to allocate the remaining balance to deliver a small package of improvement works to the open space and play area.
  • The balance of £33,174 requires releasing to the capital programme for 2021/22 to allow the following projects to progress:
    • Construction of new footpath, following desire line across grassed area between Hunters Crescent and Longholme Road.
    • Replacement of end of life swings, seesaw and spring rockers in play area.
    • Replacement of end of life safer surfacing in play area.
    • Repairs/upgrades to retained play equipment.
    • Purchase of tree cradles and planting of trees across the site to replace failed/vandalised individuals.

Reason for Decision
To utilise the remaining balance of this S106 agreement to enhance existing play provision at Hunters Crescent and to improve accessibility within the adjacent green space plus increase the quantity and quality of its tree stock.
Details of alternative options considered
Do nothing. The S106 funds would be returned to the developer and external funding would need to be raised to allow the footpath project, play area upgrades and tree planting to take place.
Officer Job Title
Deputy Chief Executive
Portfolio Area
Finance, Governance and Resources / Communities, Health and Wellbeing
Key Decision
Date Decision Taken
Mon 12 Apr 2021
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Date Published
12 April 2021

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12/04/2021 17:16:20Morag DurhamBusiness Item Created 
12/04/2021 17:16:56 General Details EditedReference Number Generated (OD.34/21)
12/04/2021 17:16:57Morag DurhamStatus ChangedImplemented [7]
12/04/2021 17:17:32Morag DurhamOS Committee AddedBusiness & Transformation Scrutiny Panel
12/04/2021 17:17:32Morag DurhamOS Committee AddedHealth & Wellbeing Scrutiny Panel
12/04/2021 17:20:30Morag DurhamGeneral Details Edited 


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