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Revenue Grant Reserve – Release of Funds
Subject and Decision Taken

To release funding from the Revenue Grant Reserve in July to September 2021 to fund expenditure in line with the terms and conditions of the grant awards as follows:

Service Area Request for Release £

Investment and Policy


Homelessness prevention and Welfare

Electoral Services

Regulatory Services








The use of this reserve is set out within the Council’s MTFP and can only be released, under delegated powers, by the Corporate Director of Finance and Resources.

Reason for Decision
To provide funding to cover additional expenditure incurred.
Details of alternative options considered
Officer Job Title
Corporate Director of Finance and Resources
Portfolio Area
Finance, Governance and Resources
Key Decision
Date Decision Taken
Tue 12 Oct 2021
Reports and Background Papers
Interests Declared
Date Published

Wednesday, 13 September, 2021

Additional Information

Key Decision Ref
Deadline for call-in
Implementation date if not called in
Exempt from call-in
Call in notified and date notified
Approved for implementation on

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13/10/2021 11:48:00Rachael PeckfordBusiness Item Created 
13/10/2021 11:48:18 General Details EditedReference Number Generated (OD.98/21)
13/10/2021 11:48:18Rachael PeckfordStatus ChangedImplemented [7]
13/10/2021 11:48:51Rachael PeckfordOS Committee AddedBusiness & Transformation Scrutiny Panel
13/10/2021 11:50:28Rachael PeckfordGeneral Details Edited 
13/10/2021 11:56:08Rachael PeckfordGeneral Details Edited 


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