Officer Decisions

OD NumberTitleOfficer with delegated authority to make decisionStatus
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OD.50/21Land at Greymoorhill, CarlisleOfficerImplemented
OD.49/21Licensing decisions taken between 1 May 2021 and 31 May 2021OfficerImplemented
OD.51/21Discretionary Disabled Facilities GrantsOfficerImplemented
OD.64/21Unit 14 Carlisle Enterprise Centre, James St, CarlisleOfficerImplemented
OD.52/21Elected Member TrainingOfficerImplemented
OD.54/21Flexible Support Grant 2021/22OfficerImplemented
OD.53/21Elected Member TrainingOfficerImplemented
OD.60/21Environment Agency Enhancement Money for Bitts Park OfficerImplemented
OD.55/21Elected Member TrainingOfficerImplemented
OD.56/21Elected Member TrainingOfficerImplemented