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Decisions can be made through the Council's committee system and by Portfolio Holders and some City Council officers. 

A Portfolio Holder is a City Councillor who is a Member of the Executive and has been given delegated authority to take decisions in respect of a limited number of specific matters.  Any decisions taken by Portfolio Hodlers can be found below using the Portfolio Holder Decision tab.

The Leader of the Council produces a Scheme of Delegation each year which delegates some functions to senior officers of the Council.  When officers make a decision which is significant it is recorded as an Officer Decisions and they can be viewed by using the Officers Decision tab below.

Archived Council Decisions - up to 2019Archived Council Decisions - up to 2019

Archived Council Decisions - up to 2019

Key DecisionsKey Decisions

Key Decisions

Decisions module to show committee decisions
Leader and Portfolio Holder MattersLeader and Portfolio Holder Matters

Leader and Portfolio Holder Matters

Notice of Executive Key DecisionsNotice of Executive Key Decisions

Notice of Executive Key Decisions

Officer DecisionsOfficer Decisions

Officer Decisions

Page to show Officer Decisions
Portfolio DecisionsPortfolio Decisions

Portfolio Decisions

Page to show Portfolio Decisions